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What happens if I go over my monthly bandwidth allowance?

We take several steps to inform you of your monthly usage, these steps are detailed at the bottom of this FAQ.

For paid subscribers, we have an overage plan in place to help manage costs if and when you occasionally go over. By setting a limit on your overages, you create a safety net of additional bandwidth that will activate anytime you go over your limit.

You pay for additional bandwidth per GB, so if you find yourself are frequently going over your limit, upgrading to a higher plan will often save you more!. You can read more about overages here

For non-paying members, we will send you notifications as below. Once your account has gone over its limit, video playback will be restricted until the following month or until you sign up for a paid subscription.

How do we keep you informed of your usage:

vzaar Dashboard

Firstly, you can always monitor your current usage on your Accounts Page. Here you will see how many total plays your videos have had. You will also see how much of your bandwidth you have used in the current month in addition to previous months. We also make every effort to message you when you log into your account and will predict what your usage for the month will be.


Email Alerts

Secondly, we will send you email alerts when you reach certain levels of your monthly allowance.

  1. The first email will be sent when you are at 80% of your monthly capacity.
  2. The second will be sent when you are at full capacity, 100%,
  3. A third email is sent when you are over your capacity by a further 20%.

Please be sure to allow vzaar emails to come into your inbox, or check your spam filter as this is the only means we have to communicate with you outside of the website. vzaar does not like replacing video content so we make every effort to contact you before we do so.