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ChannelAdvisor is a leading inventory management tool. Here are some guidelines on adding video to your ChannelAdvisor templates.

Using the inventory upload or update spreadsheet

  1. Ensure the item has been assigned to a classification, you can either create the attribute name in the classification if it does not exist, or you can just follow the instructions below to upload it using the spreadsheet, which will create both the attribute name and the value.
  2. Create the attribute name with a meaningful description i.e. vzaarvideo and the attribute value will be the specific vzaar video embed code for your product.
  3. Ensure the template tag is placed in all areas where you want video displayed such as your ad template and in your product detail pages for your online store. The template tag will look like this depending on your naming convention: {{VZAARVIDEO}}
  4. Launch your listing or upload the inventory to your site and view the video.

User Defined Fields

  1. The video embed code can also be applied in the user defined fields when editing/creating an item in the User Interface. The Attribute name must first be created in the classification before you can do this