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eBay's Blackthorne

eBay offers Blackthorne "Basic" and "Pro" as desktop applications for high-volume sellers. Follow these steps in order to add your vzaar video:

  1. Copy the embed code for the video you wish to use from your vzaar account screen.
  2. Open your BlackThorne application and click on the "create item" tab to create your item or see view your list of current items.
  3. Select the item in which you want to embed your video.
  4. You can embed your video by: (i) Clicking on the "edit" button next to the "description" box. (ii) Clicking on "edit" next to the "ad template" if you use a template.
  5. Click on the "HTML view" tab at the bottom. You can then paste your vzaar video embed code into your listing within your HTML code