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eBay's Sell Your Item Form (SYI)

Sell Your Item (SYI) is eBay's simple and quick online form for posting a single listing for sale. Using our Add to eBay feature works great with items already listed with SYI but if you want to do this manually then follow these steps to add your vzaar video during the SYI flow:

  1. Copy the vzaar embed code for the video you wish to use from your vzaar videos page.
  2. Log-into your eBay account and click on "Sell" to access "create your listing".
  3. When in the "Item Description" field select the HTML tab and paste in the vzaar embed code. You won’t necessarily see the video but you can view how it will look by choosing the Preview Listing option.
  4. Continue to fill out all the remaining forms of the SYI page and then hit Submit. Your listing with vzaar video is now live!