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Labs - Twitter Location to Google Latitude Syncer

Note this service is no longer available

This is the help guide to vzaar’s labs project for syncing your twitter location to Google Latitude

Aren’t vzaar video guys?

  • Yes, this is a little labs project we did for fun. We did this to promote our Objective C library for our video api.
  • What’s Objective C? It’s the language used to write Apple applications for iOS (iPad, iPhone etc) and Mac OS

What does it do?

  • We take your last location from twitter and send it to Google Latitude every 5 minutes or so.
  • This of course only works with your twitter location turned on.

What do I have to do?

  • You need to authorise us with Twitter and Google. We do the rest.


  • We use oAuth, and never see your password. You can revoke our access to your accounts at any time, either on here or on Google.
  • What is oAuth? It’s a way for you to give us access to your Twitter and Google Latitude accounts, but without worrying about giving us your password

It’s now working

  • Make sure your Twitter App is sending the location.
  • Make sure you have authorised us on both Google and Twitter
  • Make sure the sync switch is set to on
  • Wait 5 mins or so. we don’t update instantly.

I need help where I can I get help

Note this service is no longer available