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Privacy Control

vzaar has a number of features that give you, the content owner, greater control over who can and who cannot view your videos.

In some cases users want to ensure that only certain people (e.g. internal staff, paying clients) can play and view a video. That's why we offer you the following options.

Setting a Video to Private

You may mark videos as either "private" or "public." You may change your videos' privacy settings on both a global and individual video basis.

Marking a video as "private" means only you will be able to view it from your vzaar account while logged in.

By marking a video as public, anybody who has the URL can view your video on your vzaar branded video pages. Over time, your branded video pages will likely be picked up by search engines like Google, as we regularly submit public videos to the big search engines in an effort to improve your video content's search engine optimization(SEO).

By default, every video you upload to you vzaar account is private.

If you'd like to change the default to public, you can edit your security preferences under the Settings Page tab.


Although you've set a global default, you can still change the security settings of individual videos on a one by one basis. If you're happy keeping the majority of your videos private, for example, but want to make one video public, you can do so by clicking the Manage button next to that video, then clicking on the Settings link above the top right corner of the video player. Under the "Security" tab, you can set the video to public, thus overriding your global security settings.


vzaar offers three levels of security for your videos. These can be found in your Settings Page. You can leave them unsecured, which will allow people to embed them anywhere. The second option is Domain Control - this will block the video from playing on other sites and in doing so protect your content.


The third, and most secure option is Signed Keys. This involves some setup on your own site and you must have access to a server-side language with your hosting. You can find out more about that and view code samples on this page.

Should you require more domain control URLs, but do not wish to upgrade your subscription, you can purchase one for a one off fee of $25.00, by heading over to the add-ons page.

If you need multiple domain control URLs, please contact us to discuss the options available to you as you may save money by upgrading your subscription.